Aside from our Consultation, Sourcing & Exit management Services

We offer our clients discreet, hassle free, fully managed custodial services:

Vault Storage:

As part of our services we can store your valuable diamonds in a segregated assigned box within one of our fully insured 24/7 secure vault storage accounts located in a 24/7 monitored and fully secured building within NYC's Diamond District.

Asset Delivery:

We offer asset delivery to over 100 Free Trade Zone Countries: We can deliver your diamonds through a specialized insured logistics company anywhere in the world at your request.

Net Asset Reporting:

As part of our services we'll send you a Monthly Net Asset Valuation Report: Your diamonds will be priced against the global standard wholesale pricing benchmark known as the Rapaport Wholesale Pricing Index. You will always know the wholesale fair market value price of your investment.

Special Fund Structuring:

We work with institutions, firms and individuals looking to set up special funds to help manage their portfolios. Whether an individual needs help in setting up an asset allocation structure towards a specific trust or a firm is looking to set up a Special Purpose Vehicle fund as an investment vehicle for their clients, we are here to help guide you with proper organization and structure every step of the way.

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