Brilliant Stone Group offers access to investment grade diamonds below wholesale pricing that only until now were available to industry insiders and a select few of their High Net Worth Companions.

The secretive and opaque world of the diamond industry makes most investment grade diamonds inaccessible to the general public , as most of their options, are limited to paying exorbitant mark-ups for inferior stones charged by all brick & mortar and online retail institutions.

With over 50 Years Vertical Industry Expertise It is our mission to be a guide and a source to all those looking to invest in High Quality Diamonds without paying High Retail Pricing . We aim to accomplish this by bringing down 4 main investment barriers:

Invest in Diamonds
1) Accessibility to Investment Grade Diamonds below Retail & Wholesale Pricing: Your diamonds are coming directly from the mining , cutting and polishing source.

2) Using the Global Diamond Grading Standard: All our Diamonds Are Certified By G.I.A. , The Gemological Institute of America to ensure Strict Adherence To Uniform Diamond Grading Standards

3) Price Transparency: Using the Rapaport global wholesale pricing index as a benchmark for Asset Valuations

4) Lack of a trusted Resale Market: Gain access to our vast diamond network for exit management and liquidation options for optimal resale values as opposed to selling your diamonds at steep discounts to the unscrupulous & opportunistic second hand dealer markets. In essence we place your diamonds directly into our wholesale and retail distribution network as part of our exit management services.

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