No One Understands A Diamond More Than The People Who Cut & Shape Their Brilliance

Brilliant Stone Group Ltd.

Has its roots deeply embedded in the Diamond Mining, Cutting & Polishing Industry

With over 50 Years Experience, we firmly established ourselves as the industry leaders of craftsmanship in diamond cutting and polishing through possession of highly guarded trade secrets passed down from generation to generation

Through recognition we were able to strategically partner with one of the single largest diamond mine holders in the world outside of DeBeers to become one of the leading Diamond manufacturers and Polished stone suppliers worldwide.

Through our affiliation with every major diamond bourse, our deep market knowledge, expertise and extensive worldwide network, we can source any diamond(s) in the world; including collectible white and fancy colored diamonds not accessible to the open market

With offices in Israel, New York, Antwerp and Hong Kong we source and supply diamonds to a vast network of Wholesale distributors , Jewelry Manufacturers, Dealers and Retailers throughout the world.

Due to our vertical integration, we are involved daily with every aspect of the industry from mining to cutting to polishing and sourcing. We know the flow of the industry, the daily market dynamics and trends with access to information not accessible to any outsiders.

Invest in Diamonds
  • All of our branded portfolios are equally comprised of G.I.A. certified diamonds with the highest grading for Cut , Polish & Symmetry.
  • No matter which type of portfolios one chooses to invest in , they can rest assure that the quality of their stones will never be compromised or inferior to any other one of our portfolios.

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