Investment Process

Diamonds investment process

Step 1:

 First the rough diamonds are extracted from the mines.
 Then we sort them by size and quality.
 After wards they are shipped to our cutting and polishing facilities located in Israel and Russia.
 Finished diamonds are then sent to G.I.A. for grading.
 G.I.A. certified diamonds are then stored in a secured vault and placed in our inventory database.

Step 2:

We consult on all matters when dealing with our clients form sourcing all the way through to exit management.

Our Initial Consultation enables us to determine which type of portfolio would best suit our client's objectives based on their investment budgets, investment time scales and exit strategy preferences.

Step 3:
Concierge Table Top Viewing

After analyzing our client's needs , we then start the selection process. We produce a custom tailored portfolio with a list of all the major diamond specifications with a total Net Asset Valuation showing a total discount to wholesale pricing. We then schedule an appointment for the inspection process (we advise all client's to bring a certified gemologist or diamond appraiser)

Step 4:
Proud Ownership

If investor is satisfied with the selection, we immediately place a 3 business day hold on the diamonds from our inventory that would require a 5% "good faith" deposit which goes towards the purchase price.

After full payment the client has the option to:

a) Request Full Asset Delivery
b) Elect to Use our Concierge Custodial Services where we offer 24/7 Fully Insured Secure Vault Storage with Monthly Net Asset valuation reporting.

Step 5:
Time Scales & Exit

Depending on our client's mid to longer term objectives we help consult on all matters pertaining to exit strategies including current optimal market conditions.

Exit Channels Include:

a) Wholesale Network: Placing Your Diamond(s) into our Wholesale Distribution Pipeline where Wholesalers , Dealers & Jewelry manufacturers can view & bid for your listed stones

b) Retail Network: Gain access to our Global Retail Distribution Network where we will include your diamond(s) in our daily inventory list that we send to all our Retail Chain and Store clientele for their inventory purchase or customer orders.

c) Private Collectors: We work with and source diamonds to a network of Private Collectors of which we can offer your diamond(s) as addition to their current collections.

d) Investors and Institutions: We can offer your diamond(s) to other investors and wealth management firms who are also looking to invest in diamond portfolios.

e) Auctions: We can help you sell whole or part of your portfolio as lots through major auction houses to highest bidders.

f) Immediate Cash Advances: For those who need cash fast , we can offer immediate cash advances while you are waiting to sell through any of the above distribution channels.

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