diamond investing 101

It is our goal to procure only the diamonds that will have the greatest potential for price appreciation

All of the diamonds in our branded portfolios are graded by The Gemological Institute of America, the global standard in diamond grading. Each diamond is accompanied by its own G.I.A. certificate. This gives all of our investors the assurance that every single diamond adheres to a strict set of uniform grading guidelines according to the 4c's: Color , Clarity , Cut & Color. The factors of these 4 categories have the most influence in the determination of the price of a diamond.

Ranges from D - Z :
With D Having The Highest Value And Z Being The Lowest All Our Diamonds Fall Between The Color Ranges of D to G
In the white diamond category , the clearest and most
colorless are the rarest and most valuable !
Diamonds investment process
Ranges from Flawless to I3 :
With Flawless Having Zero
Inclusions and the Highest Value
to I3 having the lowest value with
the most visible degree of

All of Our Diamonds Fall
Between the Ranges of Flawless
to Vs2. The Flawless is the rarest
and most valuable of both,
the white colored and fancy
colored diamonds !
Diamond grading scale
All our Diamonds are Comprised of Round Brilliant Diamonds

The Round is most expensive of all the cuts and
historically always had the greatest price appreciation ,
price stability and market demand !

The proportions and angles of the actual cuts also get a grade
ranging from Excellent to Poor
The G.I.A. Cut Scale:
All Our Diamonds Have Excellent Cut Ratings

Gia cut scale
Diamond grading scale

One Carat Equals the weight of .20 or 1/5th of a Gram

With all else being equal the higher the carat the more expensive and
rare a diamond becomes.

All diamond sizes in our portfolios are comprised of 1 carat or higher
depending on our client's budgets , needs or preferences.
Gia estimate cut range
We at Brilliant Stone take things a step further: Beyond The 4C's
Through our careful selection process all of our diamonds undergo further scrutiny to make sure that any
stone other than Flawless, do not contain a trace of carbon footprints (dark inclusions) or fluorescence.
We take great pride in the selection process of all the diamonds in our branded portfolios

All Our Diamonds Fall Within The G.I.A. Ideal Cut Ranges

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